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Budget Workshop Minutes- October 4, 2022


   Forestport Town Hall

   10275 State Rte. 28

   Forestport, NY 13338

   2023 Budget Workshop Minutes

   October 4, 2022 @ 6:30 PM

Members Present:     Supervisor Entwistle                                             

Councilwoman Verschneider

Councilwoman Abrial                                                                 

Councilwoman Kardash

Members Absent:          Councilman Scouten

Other Town Officials Present:

Tracy Terry, Town Clerk

Dawn Campbell, Bookkeeper to the Supervisor


          The workshop meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Supervisor Entwistle.


          The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and Supervisor Entwistle read aloud the legal notice.


Highway: Tax rate has decreased to 90 cents/1,000.

  • Highway Clerk: 3% raise
  • Wages:  This is at 5% currently for the Highway workers until the contract is settled.
  • New Grader:  $75,000 is in the budget for a new grader. Dawn said if Bill does not get the new sander this year, he cannot get it next year.
  • Health Insurance: The premiums for 2023 are lower this year. Contract wise, they will do the plan that was discussed. Discussion took place.  


  • Wages:  3% across the Board. Councilwoman Kardash stated she would like Supervisor Entwistle to get a larger raise than 3%. He thanked her but said maybe if he gets elected another term. Supervisor Entwistle increased the Deputy Supervisor pay to $400.00 because they do a lot for him.
  • Savings:  There is quite a bit of money in savings. Grants were discussed. Everything is going up and some companies are charging surcharges. Dawn stated there should be extra money for increases. Councilwoman Abrial stated she agrees there should not be a lot of money in savings from the State’s perspective, but at the same time, what if things continue to climb.
  • Unexpended Balance:  The Board agreed on$350,000 for unexpended balances.
  • Telephones:  New phones are needed.
  • Youth Recreation:  $13,000 is in the budget. $9,000 will not be spent on Camp Nazareth this year. Supervisor Entwistle suggested having parents spend money this year. Dawn suggested having money for Counselors for a Summer Recreation Program. They have to be CPR and First Aid certified and there will be no swimming.
  • Fireworks:   There is $3,000 in the budget for fireworks. This price is locked in for the next 5 years.
  • Flowers: Supervisor Entwistle said he cannot water the flowers in Woodgate and Otter Lake any longer. Jim waters the flowers in the Town. Councilwoman Kardash suggested the flag memorials. She stated some people might be interested in donating money towards them. Councilwoman Abrial will be looking into the cost of the memorial flags. Supervisor Entwistle said he will be looking at the cost of regular flags.
  • Senior Recreation: There is one more trip planned for this year and there is $4,000 left. Councilwoman Verschneider wanted to look into the railroad trip to Tupper Lake.
  • Groomer:  Councilwoman Kardash stated they should sell the groomer to Trackside Blazers. Supervisor Entwistle met with Dennis and Ron and they were open to the idea and were going to discuss it with their membership.
  • Cemetery:  Neither Cemetery will be getting any money this year.


  • Water District #1:  No questions on the water.
  • Buckhorn District: The billing clerk and collector wages are prorated on 20% of the current water district.  The billing will start in December so the bills can be mailed out for January.


  • Sewer District #1: Supervisor Entwistle stated Jack Dodson said the town needs to borrow $150,000. Dawn asked if they could borrow $150,000 from the General and pay it back. Supervisor Entwistle said they could because it will be interest free. Dawn said they will have to set it up and decide what the yearly pay out will be. Supervisor Entwistle said they will have to borrow more money in 2024. Their bill will go up $25 a month for debt service. Another Public Hearing will need to be held because the construction costs have doubled.

FIRE: The Fire tax is 84 cents/1,000.

  • The Fire Departments received an addition $5,000. Woodgate and Otter Lake are a 7% increase and Forestport is a 6% increase.


  • There currently is not a contract with Old Forge Ambulance, other than the year-to-year contract. $18,750 of $75,000 was given to Old Forge Ambulance in 2020. It was based on the number of calls STaR and Old Forge ambulances ran. Bob with StaR ambulance ran the number of calls for 2021 and 2022 and Dan Rivett, with Old Forge Ambulance gave the numbers asking for a raise for the 2023 Budget. In 2021, Old Forge ambulance had 58 calls and STaR ambulance had 83. To date for 2022, Old Forge has 28 calls and STaR ambulance has 78 calls.
  • Discussion took place. Councilwoman Kardash suggested having them go to $28,500 with a 3-year contract. Supervisor Entwistle stated going one more year and signing the contract next year, so they are on the same schedule as STaR ambulance.

Dawn asked about the garage door getting fixed. Supervisor Entwistle has a local guy and JM door looking at it. The curb will also be done next year.


A motion was made by Councilwoman Kardash and seconded by Councilwoman Abrial to adjourn the meeting. Roll call vote:

                             4 ayes/ 0 nays/1 absent (Scouten) MOTION CARRIED

There being no further business, the workshop adjourned at 7:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Tracy M. Terry

Forestport Town Clerk

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