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Area Variance Hearing- Harris- June 21, 2023

13853 State Rte. 28, Forestport, N.Y. 13338
June 21, 2023 @6:15 P.M.

PRESENT: Supervisor Entwistle
Councilwoman Kardash
Councilwoman Abrial
Councilman Scouten
Councilwoman Verschneider
ABSENT: No members of the Town Board were absent.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Tracy Terry, Town Clerk

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm by Supervisor Entwistle
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town of Forestport will be holding an Area Variance Hearing on June 21, 2023, at 6:15 PM at the Otter Lake Fire Hall 13853 State Rt. 28, Forestport NY 13338. The Area Variance Hearing is being held to review and accept public comments on an application from Steve Harris for a garage on a non-conforming lot. An approximate 139 +/- depth of land, tax map no. 1.004-1-23, located at 4267 Lakeview Road, Forestport, NY 13338. BY ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD.
• Supervisor Entwistle started the meeting off by stating Mr. Harris’ shed is 33 feet from the road and the plan is to demolish the shed and build a garage. The Site review Law states it has to be 50 feet from the road and 10 feet from the side lot. The only issue is the distance from the center of the road.
• It was asked from the gallery if the permit was supposed to be visible and do you have to have permits for sheds the size of a garage. Supervisor Entwistle stated it is supposed to be visible and if anyone has questions as to if a permit has been issued, please call. All sheds are permitted, except for something two people can pick up themselves with their hands and move. Up to 120 square feet shed you won’t be assessed but still need a permit.
• The Highway Superintendent has no issue with plowing and maintaining the road.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Abrial and seconded by Councilwoman Kardash to adjourn the meeting.
5 ayes/ 0 nays/0 absent MOTION CARRIED

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm by Supervisor Entwistle.
Respectfully submitted,

Tracy M. Terry
Forestport Town Clerk

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