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Facilities and Resources

Town Hall

The Town of Forestport Town Hall is more than just a municipal building. It has a long history among the local community, and showcases several facilities for public use. Once an elementary school, this building is designed as a gathering place for all ages, and we hope you join us for an afternoon on the playground or a short hike on our nature trail!

Rental Agreement Form

While some of the Town Hall facilities are free and do not require permission or rental agreements, such as our playgrounds and our trail systems, some facilities do require pre-registration and rental agreements. Our simple rental form below will guide you through the simple renting process, and give you some up-to-date rental fee costs. If you have more questions, please feel free to send us your questions through our contact form on the home page!

Town Hall Building History

The Forestport Town Hall was once a thriving elementary school. The building still has many elements of a school, including a basketball court, two playgrounds, a nature trail, and several other facilities. All of these facilities are for use by the locals of Forestport. Some facilities, such as the basketball court, requires advanced notice for space rental. Other facilities, such as the playground and nature trail, are free for use whenever you would like!

Nature Trail

Our short but beautiful nature trail weaves through hardwood and coniferous forest and leads to several interesting locations. A quiet gathering place, the outdoor classroom is perfect for outdoor-centered education, and a wonderful place for small local meetings in a beautiful  setting.

Educational Signs

Along the Town hall nature trail there are several educational signs that give insight into the local forest around us. A great educational tool for children and young teens, these signs give a quick description of trees, wildlife, and other natural elements that surround our local area. 

Basketball Court

Our well maintained basketball court is perfect for afternoon games and local events. Want to host a party or event? Contact Glenyce Verschneider 315-392-4971 to get details about rental space and times.


the Forestport Town Hall hosts two playgrounds, open dawn till dusk, for free. Come and enjoy our local facilities with an afternoon picnic and a game of tag!