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Planning Board of Appeals

Meetings and Minutes

job description

Length of Term: 3 years

Responsible To: Town Board

Time Commitment: Approximately 4 hours per month

Meeting Dates

The Planning Board of Appeals consists of three (3) citizens appointed by the Town Board in conjunction with a recommendation from the Planning Board to serve a three (3) year term. The Board of Appeals appoints its own chairperson from its membership. The PBA has final authority on numerous land use applications as well as acting in an advisory capacity to the Town and Planning Boards on various other land use matters.


The PBA will meet on the last Wednesday of the month provided there is business to conduct. Business would include use variances, and area variances for both building projects and subdivisions, in addition to the review of other land use matters should the need arise.

Responsibilities of the PBA

The general purpose of the PBA is to hear and decide any appeal or decision, order of interpretation by the Planning Board, and it shall have the power to reverse any decision by the Planning Board as provided by local and state statute. The PBA shall also conduct hearings on requests for variances.

Specific Duties of PBA Members

  • Become familiar with both the Site Review Law and Subdivision Law for the Town of Forestport, as well as laws governing Open Meetings.
  • Complete four (4) hours of relevant training annually
  • Attend PBA meetings
  • Be willing to make site visits and review application materials in preparation for reviewing matters before the PBA