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Laws and Policies

Forestport Site Review Law:

Site Review applications are required for activities listed in Section 5.2-C of the Site Review Law, including:

  • Any use involving the use of more the alteration of three or more acres of land, excluding customary agricultural uses such as pasturing and crop raising;
  • Mobile Home Parks;
  • Travel Trailer Parks;
  • Campgrounds
  • All non-residential uses;
  • Conversion of any building into a three- or more family dwelling;
  • Any DEC “Type 1” SEQR action;Any development within a designated floodplain or wetland;
  • any residential subdivision, as defined in the Site Review Law

Download the Site Review Law here for further information.  Do not forget to also check the Amendments to the law for updates.

Subdivision Law (2007)

All subdivisions of land,  whether Simple, Minor, or Major, must receive prior approval from the town planning board. Definitions of the types of subdivision are found on Page 9 of the law.

Sewer District #1 Local Law


  • Local Law #1 of 1994
  • Date Posted: December 11, 2007
  • Date Adopted: March 01, 1994
  • Enacted (Filed) on March 25, 1994.

This law includes requirements regulations regarding hook-up and usage requirements, as well as the usage and maintenance fee structures.

Special Water District #1 – Rules and Regulations


  • Local law #2 of 2005
  • Date Posted: December 11, 2007
  • Date Adopted: July 20, 2005

Rules, regulations, and fee structure for Special Water District #1.  Filing Date (Effective date) was 12/19/05.  For clarity, the law posted here is the amended version enacted Nov. 15, 2005.

Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code


  • Local Law #1 0f 2007
  • Date Posted: December 11, 2007
  • Date Adopted: February 21, 2007

The Town of Forestport administers the NY State Uniform Fire prevention and Building Code, using the regulations here.  It includes information on building permits, construction inspections, stop work orders,unsafe buildings, penalties, and much more.

Tax Exemption for Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers

  • Number: Local Law #2 of 2005
  • Date Posted: December 12, 2007
  • Date Adopted: September 21, 2005

A local law providing a tax exemption in real property owned by an enrolled volunteer firefighter or volunteer ambulance worker residing in the Town of Forestport.

Solar Law

A Prohibition of Private Property Burial in the Town of Forestport

Implementing Moratorium on Development of Large Scale Solar Energy Systems

Amendment to the Site Review Law of 1986 Section 9.1 and Fee Structure

Override of Tax Levy Limit Established in General Municipal Law

Department of State Website – Local Laws

NY DOS Local Laws Search |

Fire Pit Use Agreement

Fire Pit Usage Agreement

Information About Your Group

Information About Your Intended Use of Facilities

 The undersigned is over 21 years of age and has read this form and attached regulations and agrees to comply with them. He/she agrees to be responsible to the municipality for the use and the care of the facilities. He/she on behalf of:

 does hereby covenant and agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Town of Forestport from and against any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or actions (including costs and attorneys fees) for bodily injury and/or property damage, to the extent permissible by law, arising out of or in connection with the act or proposed use of the Town of Forest port’s property, facilities, and or services by:

Forms and Applications