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Town of Forestport Comprehensive Master Plan

Town of Forestport Seeks Community Input to Revitalize Comprehensive Master Plan

Forestport, NY – [March 21, 2024] – The Town of Forestport is excited to announce the launch of a community survey designed to gather crucial input for the update of its Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP). This initiative comes over two decades since the last CMP was formulated, signifying a pivotal moment for the town to realign its development strategies with the current needs and aspirations of its community.

Understanding the dynamic nature of our town and the importance of staying current with environmental, economic, and social shifts, Forestport is committed to crafting a CMP that embodies its residents’ vision for a prosperous and sustainable future. “The updated Comprehensive Master Plan will serve as a blueprint for growth that not only respects our rich history but also embraces the opportunities of tomorrow,” stated TJ Entwistle, Town Supervisor.

Community Survey Launch Details:

Access: The survey, available through Survey Monkey, invites public participation indefinitely until further notice. For those who prefer paper, copies are accessible at Town Hall, Woodgate Library, Post Offices, and most local establishments. Completed surveys can be returned to the designated drop box at Town Hall.

Confidentiality: Participants’ confidentiality is assured. Names and emails, while optional, will remain anonymous, ensuring privacy and encouraging open and honest feedback.

Purpose: The survey aims to capture a comprehensive view of residents’ perspectives on existing conditions, desired future developments, and strategic actions necessary to realize these goals. It is a cornerstone effort in the revision of the CMP, ensuring the plan reflects the genuine voice of the community.

Support: This vital work is supported by funding from the New York State Department of State Environmental Protection Fund.

The survey, estimated to take approximately 15 minutes, is an investment in Forestport’s future that the town hopes its residents will eagerly make. By partaking, community members ensure that the updated CMP genuinely represents the collective vision and priorities of Forestport.