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Planning Board Minutes- November 9, 2022

November 9, 2022

Paul Rejman – Chairman Gerry Ritter, Co-Chairwoman
Dave Ultsch Tyler Terry
Adam Daktor Sandy Pascucci, Secretary

• Meeting called to order with Four members present; G Ritter was absent
• October 12, 2022 Minutes were approved on motion from Ultsch/Terry

New Business
• Compoli, Parcel 13.004-2-36, 1436 Bear Creek Rd.: Variance Request
Fine for lack of permit has been paid to Codes. Structure is 7 ft. from boundary line though neighbor has sent letter stating no problem. Discussion ensued whether to recommend removal, re-siting, or allowing variance. Variance request was categorically denied and sent to the Town Board for their review. On motion by Terry/Ultsch

• Bob/Mary Reith, Parcel 8.000-1-4 and -2.1, NY 28: Parcel Line Adjustment
Approved on motion by Daktor/Ultsch

• C. Luther (A. Bailey) Parcel 86.000-3-1: Maps of the proposed 3-Lot subdivision on O’Brien Rd. were reviewed. In addition, questions regarding possible usage of the remaining property (Lot 4, which abuts Happy Lake Campground), clarification of ingress/egress were discussed and responded to.
A Public Hearing was scheduled for 6:30 pm on December 14, 2022 to address the proposed subdivisions.

• Evans/Henry (G. DeTraglia): Parcel 52.000-1-11 / -1-18.2 Lot Line Adjustment.
The proposed lot line adjustment was reviewed, and approved on motion by Daktor/Ultsch, with P. Rejman recusing himself. Current maps will have a spelling correction made and be returned to be stamped by Planning for submittal to County.

Adjourn Meeting: Meeting adjourned at 7:11 pm.
Next meeting scheduled for December 14, 2022