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Planning Board Minutes- June 14, 2023

TOWN OF FORESTPORT PLANNING BOARD MINUTES June 14, 2023 MEMBERS: Paul Rejman – Chairman Dave Ultsch Adam Daktor – Co-Chairman Tyler Terry Allison Damiano-DeTraglia Sandy Pascucci, Secretary Members of the Newly-Formed Planning Board of Appeals were also present: Steve Addison Jeffrey LeBuis PUBLIC HEARINGS: • Craig Fresher, 11386 Bellingertown Rd, Tax ID 68-000-3-3.1, -15, -8: 5-Lot Subdivision/ Boundary Line Adjustment (A. Bailey) Several adjacent landowners attended with questions, which were answered to their satisfaction by Mr. Bailey. The Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm (Terry/ Damiano-DeTraglia) • Robert Kratzenburg, 10760 Hawkinsville Rd, Tax ID 18.000-1-12 RV Park expansion There was no public input. The meeting was adjourned at 7 pm (Terry/ Damiano-DeTraglia) MONTHLY MEETING: • The Monthly Meeting was called to order at 7 pm • Pledge of Allegiance • May 10, 2023 Minutes were approved (Daktor/Damiano-DeTraglia) Old Business • The request to be heard by Chief Sege, Woodgate Vol. Fire Dept. regarding concerns fire safety for new construction of 3-story houses was withdrawn. However, there was discussion, and the suggestion was made that the Town Attorney prepare an amendment to the SRL to address the situation on new construction. On motion by Damiano-DeTraglia/Terry, the item was removed from the Agenda. New Business • B. Roberts/T. Hulser, 12346 SR 28, New business permit. Tax ID 13.000-1-13.3 Request for approval to open a general store was reviewed. The store would be separate from the existing liquor store, having separate entrances, and an enclosure across the building. The Board saw no issues, and scheduled a Public Hearing scheduled for July 12, 6:30 pm (Terry/ Damiano-DeTraglia) • Jim Huss, 50.003-1-16 11964 River St., Forestport: Potential property purchase and new business permit Mr. Huss and his partner, Mr. Bronson outlined their business plans after the potential purchase of subject property. The Board found no issue with them, but suggested a list of detailed items for submittal when they come to the Board for a business permit in the future. The item was removed from the Agenda on motion by Daktor/Ultsch • T. Donatelli and Patrick Pennise (A. Bailey): Boundary Line Adjustment Tax ID 36.000-1-46.10 and 36.000-1-46.11 – 7052 Irish Settlement Road Mr. Bailey reviewed the plan to remove the ingress/egress through the Pennise property. Conditional approval was granted pending completion of the new maps. Ultsch/ Damiano-DeTraglia • Charles/Linda Burns, 11309 McKoon Rd, Tax ID 85.001-2-30 Requires Variance for placement of waste water treatment unit. Judd Warner, Contractor Upon review and discussion, Variance was denied (Daktor/Terry), and remanded to the Board of Appeals for a hearing scheduled for June 26, 2023 at 6:30 pm Adjourn Meeting: Adjourned 7:46 pm (Daktor/Terry) Next meeting is scheduled for July12, 2023, 6:30 pm