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Planning Board Minutes- June 12,2024

June 12, 2024

Paul Rejman – Chairman Dave Ultsch, absent
Adam Daktor – Co-Chairman Tyler Terry
Allison Damiano-DeTraglia

• Meeting called to order at 6:33pm
• May 8, 2024 Minutes approved on motion from Daktor/DeTraglia

New Business:
• Chad Burdick, Tax ID(s) 50.000-4-7.3, 8996 Pond Ave.
Seeking a Boundary Line Adjustment from the Town for two small pieces to belong to Burdicks. Approved on motion by Daktor/Terry. A. Bailey will now take this to the Town Board.

• Christmas & Associates for George Gokey, Tax ID 18.000-1-18, 10320 Hawkinsville Rd., Woodgate: 3-Lot Subdivision (Mark Christmas)
Board reviewed the proposed subdivision information, submitted maps and SEQR. A Public Hearing was scheduled for July 10 (DeTraglia/Daktor)

• James Redner, Tax ID 19.001-1-4.3, 12228 SR 28, Woodgate: Change of Use
to build a 40’x80’ Restaurant/Bar with a proposed occupancy of 116. Questions arose regarding sight distance, the distance from the church; and a deed stipulation regarding no “eatery” next to Seasons. (Redner noted the latter is being addressed). A traffic count was also suggested.

Applicant did not come fully prepared with all the information requested by the Board – he will return to July 10 meeting

• James Matteson, Tax ID 26.000-1-15.1, 11544 SR 28, Forestport:
3-Lot Subdivision: Board reviewed the maps and information submitted. Due to the fact that proposed Lot 3 has only a 50 ft. road frontage, the matter was denied and will be sent to PBA for variance review. (Daktor/Terry)

Old Business: None
Discussion: None

Adjourn Meeting: Adjourned 7:15 pm on motion by Daktor/DeTraglia
Next meeting scheduled for July 10, 2024