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Planning Board Minutes- January 11, 2023

January 11, 2023

Paul Rejman – Chairman Dave Ultsch
Adam Daktor, absent Tyler Terry
Sandy Pascucci, Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Chairman Rejman, with three members present. (G. Ritter did not renew her appointment)

The Minutes of the December 14, 2022 were approved on motion by Ultsch/Terry

New Business
• James Allison: Parcel 19.001-1-22, 1174 Bear Creek Rd. (D Frymire) Submitted a revised Subdivision request, and updated plans showing a new driveway location (which has received a permit from DPW). County Planning will be contacted to confirm that their May 2022 approval of the 239 is still valid.

 The Variance request was categorically denied and sent to the Town
 Board for review.  (Terry/Ultsch)

• Supervisor Entwistle: Submitted and reviewed a list of potential changed to the SRL and Fee Schedule:
o Remove “Sanitary Privy” from the Fee Schedule
o Remove Demolition Permit $0.00 from the Fee Schedule
o List any “storage building/shed” over 300 sf as a garage or pole barn
o Remove fire inspections from the Fee Schedule
After a brief discussion, the Board acknowledged the validity of the
proposed updates.

Old Business
• Tim Hulser: Parcel 13.000-1-9, Rte 28 (D. Frymire) Update on Snowtrail Subdivision

Mr. Frymire reported that the Board of Health approval has been received. In addition, new maps were presented showing the location of the test well, and a revised driveway configuration: from four highway entries to only one, with a 50 ft. easement. In conjunction with Article VI, Section 12 of the Subdivision Law, the Board voted to approve these modifications to their original approval of the site plans. (Ultsch/Terry)

General Discussion
Pursuant to recent discussions regarding the number of variance requests coming before the Board for lot sizes, road frontage, and flag lots:

  • The Secretary will review the denials from the past five years due to lot dimensions.
  • Chairman Rejman tasked the Board members with preparing a list of
    o Items they would like to see changed,
    o Solid examples of such from other towns/districts
    o Their proposed changes, and
    o The rationale behind such proposals
    to be presented at the February meeting, which will also be attended by
    Matt Johnson of the Tug Hill Commission, who will share his insight.

Adjourn Meeting:
Meeting was adjourned at 7:16 pm on motion by Terry/Ultsch
Next meeting is scheduled for February 8, 2023

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Pascucci, Secretary