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Planning Board Minutes-December 13, 2023


December 13, 2023

Paul Rejman – Chairman Dave Ultsch
Adam Daktor – Co-Chairman Tyler Terry
Allison Damiano-DeTraglia Sandy Pascucci, Secretary

• Reviewed/Approved November 8, 2023 Minutes (Terry/ Damiano-DeTraglia)

New Business
• James Huss, 50.003-1-16, 11964 River St., Forestport: Business Permit
Requested to be moved to January Agenda. So moved: (Daktor/Terry)

• Hulser/Ultsch, Hulser Revolutionary Subdivision, Tax ID19.000-1-5 and 13.000-1-11.2: Boundary line adjustment, and Sub-division. Drawings and maps reviewed and discussed with D. Frymire.
o Boundary line adjustment for Ultsch approved ( Damiano-DeTraglia/Terry)
o Public Hearing scheduled for 01/10/2024 at 6:30 pm for Hulser subdivision request (Damiano-DeTraglia/Terry)

• Frederick Ritter, Tax ID 50.003-1-3.1, 8008 River St, Forestport: Subdivision request with maps reviewed with A. Bailey. Public Hearing scheduled for 01/10/2024 at 6:45 pm (Ultsch/ Damiano-DeTraglia)

• Joseph/Elizabeth Ritter, Tax ID 50.000-1-21.5, 10651 State Rt 28: Boundary Line Amendment. Maps reviewed with A. Bailey and approved (Ultsch/ Damiano-DeTraglia)


• Carlton/Barbara Blanchard, Tax ID 25.000-1-27, Woodgate Properties, Phase 4, Section 1, Lot 2: Subdivision. Request and maps reviewed with A. Bailey and Public Hearing scheduled for 01/10/2024 at 7 pm (Terry/ Damiano-DeTraglia)

• D. Ultsch proposed that a cut-off date be imposed for additions to the monthly agendas, giving the Board time to do due diligence before the actual meetings. It was decided that no additions to the agenda will be accepted after the Thursday prior to the meetings.

Old Business
• Proposed Amendment to the Site Review Law regarding waste water treatment systems: The Supervisor submitted a draft of a proposed amendment for the Board’s scrutiny. D. Ultsch suggested some wording be changed, and a Waiver, such as is used in Old Forge/Herkimer County, be requested from the Dept. of Health. Supervisor will contact the Board of Health for clarification. The Board thanked the Supervisor for his input and assistance; they will review and submit their comments and final language before proposal is sent to the Town Board for a hearing.

Adjourn Meeting: Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm (Damiano-DeTraglia/Terry) Next meeting scheduled for January 10, 2023