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Planning Board Minutes-April 12, 2023

April 12, 2023

Paul Rejman – Chairman Dave Ultsch
Adam Daktor (ABSENT) Tyler Terry
Allison Damiano-DeTraglia Sandy Pascucci, Secretary

Meeting was broadcast via Zoom, and attended in person by 12 members of the public

• Don Frank, Parcel 13.003-4-88, 10 Fox Lane, Woodgate
Change of Use – to sell firearms from his home location
o P. Anthony submitted a letter of support
o Members of the public voiced concerns over
 Safety concerns with having a gun dealer in their quiet residential neighborhood
 Would the residential area now be deemed commercial
 Increased traffic and parking issues
 Safety issues for their children/grandchildren
 Devaluation of their properties
 Monitoring of the business, types of firearms, and any arising issues
o A summary of the business plan to be reviewed by the Board was read, and each of the issues addressed.
 It was explained that the Board’s responsibility was solely to review a business request and ascertain that it meets all Town requirements. They cannot rule on civil matters, or determine personality or character.
 Any issues other than the Town’s responsibility for a business permit should be addressed to the ATF, who is issuing the license, or to civil authorities.

• March 8, 2023 Minutes approved (Ultsch/Terry)

• The Board voted to Conditionally approve Mr. Frank’s request for a business permit based on pending receipt of his valid Federal Firearms license from the ATF, and the following
 Business will be under his name only
 No signage will be posted
 Sales will be by appointment only, during normal business hours
 No new buildings will be constructed
 Sale of sporting arms only – no assault type firearms
 Sales only to known “family and friends”
 No merchandise will be held in stock
 All parking will be off-street

 Yeomans Family, Parcels 85.004-1-59 and 85.004-1-71, Forest Street
Boundary Line Adjustment (A. Bailey)
o Upon review of the maps and the request to move the line 7.5 ft, the boundary line adjustment was approved. Ultsch/ Damiano-DeTraglia

Adjourn Meeting: At 7 pm (Damiano-DeTraglia/Ultsch)

Next meeting scheduled for May 10, 2023