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Planning Board Minutes – 03/09/2022

Sandy Pascucci, Secretary Chairman Rejman attended via Zoom; Member Daktor was unable to attend 


  • 6:00 PM T. Sunderlin, Red Rock Assoc., regarding White Lake Quarry 

Meeting was conducted both in person and via Zoom. 

Co-Chairwoman Ritter opened the meeting by reading the Legal Notice and reiterating the Rules of Order. 

Statements were read by the following, and their comments were made part of the Minutes and posted to the website: 

J. Balzano J. Turczyn S. Turczyn L. Cossa K. Ayers, Esq. 

The following were also recognized by the Chair and voiced their displeasure with the APA/DEC approval, the road usage/maintenance, additional traffic, and echoed comments they made at earlier meetings: 

R. Lee D. Cornish R. Spear M. Dwyer W. Cotter 

At the conclusion of public comments, the Public Hearing was Recessed as it was noted that the Board is awaiting final input from the DOT and Oneida County Planning. A continuance of the Hearing was scheduled for April 13, 2022 at 6:00 pm. motion by Ultsch/Terry 

Planning Board Meeting Summary 2 March 9, 2022 

The Regular Meeting of the Planning Board was convened at 6:30 pm 

  • J. Chrisman, Esq., Ayers Law Firm, made a request to speak at the April 13 meeting
  • J. Young, the Town Attorney, is working on a Draft Agreement between the Town and Red Rock Quarry regarding the R.R.Quarry’s maintenance of the road. This cannot be completed until a final vote on the quarry. A copy will be made available to Ayers Law Firm at that time.
  • Eckels, Deborah: 2-Lot Subdivision, Parcel 1900-1-32.3, Rt. 28
    D. Frymire requested an extension as they are still awaiting DOT approval Approved on motion by Ultsch/Terry
  • Ruben Treminio (A. Bailey): 2 Lot Subdivision, Parcel 50.0-1-22.6, River Rd Request by A. Bailey that this item be removed from Agenda until further notice. Approved on motion from Ritter/Terry
  • Hulser, Tim (D. Frymire): 6-Lot Subdivision, Parcel 13.0-1-9, Rt. 28
    Maps and information concerning the moderate intensity use major subdivision were reviewed, and a Public Hearing was scheduled for April 13 at 6:15 pm. Motion by Terry/Ultsch
    In addition, a motion was made and approved (Ritter/Ultsch) for the Town to be the lead agent on the Hulser Subdivision.
    Meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm on motion by Terry/Ritter
    The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Board is April 13, 2022, 6:30 PM, at the Forestport Town Hall