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Planning Board Agenda – 03/09/2022


Paul Rejman – Chairman Gerry Ritter, Co-Chairwoman 

Dave Ultsch Tyler Terry 

Adam Daktor Sandy Pascucci, Secretary 


  • Call Meeting to order 
  • Pledge of Allegiance 
  • Review and Approve February 9, 2022 Minutes 

New Business 

  • Eckels, Deborah: 2-Lot Subdivision, Parcel 1900-1-32.3, Rt. 28 
  • Ruben Treminio (A. Bailey): 2 Lot Subdivision, Parcel 50.0-1-22.6, River Rd 
  • Hulser, Tim (D. Frymire): 6-Lot Subdivision, Parcel 13.0-1-9, Rt. 28 

Open Discussion 

Adjourn Meeting 

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Board is April 13, 2022, 

6:30 PM, at the Forestport Town Hall.