Historical Timeline:
1825 -         Erie Canal System Complete      
1836 -         Black River Canal System Constructed    
1840 -         Irish Settlement Developed        
1869 -         Forestport becomes a Township      
1870 -         First Town Governmental Body Elected    
1880-          Lumbering/Farming/Tourism Booms    
1887 -         Rich and Famous visit/some stay      
1889 -         Dam built to form Kayuta Lake      
1890 -         Waterways used for commerce      
1891 -         Fire destroys village        
1892 -         Water District being developed      
1893 -         Forestport called "Gateway" to the Adirondacks  
1894 -         Area described as Tourist Paradise      
1897-          First Library built          
1898-          Dam breached          
1899 -         Fire destroys village a second time      
1900 -         10 area schools established      
1902 -         Forests stripped/lumbering slows      
1903 -         Town changes to Village form of Government  
1904 -         Hydro-Electric plant built on Black River    
1905 -         Hydro plant sold to Town of Inlet      
1906 -         Fire destroys village a third time      
1913 -         Building of railway spurs commerce/tourism  
1915 -         Diminished logging firms use rails to ship timber  
1920 -         Logging teams replaced by motorized tractors  
1921  -        Exodus of lumbering industry and farming    
1922 -         Black River Feeder Canal abandoned    
1923 -         Auto replaces livery teams for railroad tourists  
1924 -         Village of Forestport purchases power from Inlet  
1925 -         Development towards North Lake      
1926 -         Village tax base erodes        
1929-          Erie Canal closed          
1929 -         The Great Depression        
1935 -         Only 135 voters in the Town      
1936 -         Unpaid electric bills cause Village to bankrupt  
1937 -         Forestport Village unincorporated - becomes Hamlet
1937 -         State Route 28 bypasses the Hamlet    
1941  -        W.W. II brings work for residents out of area  
1942 -         Gas rationing slows tourism to area    
1943 -         First Woodsmen Field Days held in Town    
1944 -         Otter Lake becomes resort area      
1945 -         Logs floated on Adirondack waterways for last time
1949 -         Area around Kayuta Lake developed    
1950 -         Restoration starts again - Local businessmen attempt to draw
                  business to the area            
1951  -        New fishing tackle business developed    
1969 -         New elementary school built on Rte. 28    
1970 -         Forestport's Centennial is celebrated    
1977 -         General Store opened on O'Brien Road - Forest Food Stop
1980 -         U.S. census shows 1,552 permanent residents in Hamlet
1981 -         Property values increase        
1986 -         Site Review Law Adopted        
1988-89 -    Water Wells are drilled        
1990 -         Pressure tank installed in Irish Settlement with chlorination system
1990 -         Water and Sewer projects undertaken in Village  
1993 -         Woodgate Fire Dept. formed - separates from Forestport
1993-94 -     Sewer project completed        
1994 -         Cellular One builds town's first cellular tower in Woodgate
1994 -         Woodgate Library adds a new wing to their building
1995 -         New Convenience store built in Otter Lake    
1996 -         Otter Lake Fire Dept. completes an addition to their building
1996 -         Bridges on Rte 28 over Black River in Forestport reconstructed
1996 -        New water building and upgrade of Irish Settlement area water system
1997 -         New Fire Hall built in Woodgate      
1997 -         New Woodgate Post Office opens - First move since 1925
1997 -         Snowmobile Shootout first held in Woodgate - part of the
                  Old Forge Snodeo            
1998 -         White Otter Fish and Game Club complex is built on Woodgate Drive
1998 -         Community Theatre begins first season in Woodgate
1998 -        Adirondack Railway restores rail service through township
                 from Utica to Old Forge          
1999 -        Woodgate Library adds first internet connection to the public
1999-         RADC 1200' tower at North Lake removed    
2000 -        Town acquires former North Lake tower site  
2000 -         Stone Quarry developers want to open old stone quarry at White Lake
2002 -         "Draft" Master Plan presented to the Town Board  
2003 -          Revised "Draft" Master Plan presented to the Town Board

2005 -          Route 28 Bridge dedicated to PVC. Gregory Huxley, Jr.


2006 -          North Country National Scenic Trail opened in Forestport


2006 -          First annual Old Forestport Days Celebration held in Forestport



2007 -          Subdivision Law adopted


2007 -          Dutch Hill Ballfield receives funding for new

                   fencing and lighted, electronic scoreboard.

                   The ballpark's facelift made the local news.

Historic Forestport Photos:


Images of early Forestport, its hamlets and the surrounding area, courtesy of the Woodgate Free Library.


Forestport's History in the Newspapers!


The Woodgate Free Library has made a concerted effort to document both hamlet and town history through newspaper clippings and other documents. This link will provide you an opportunity to pick a year and see what articles are available.



Local genealogy info from the Forestport area, courtesy of the Woodgate Free Library.

The attached article was written by former Town Historian Hilda Avery in 1977 as a part of the Oneida County US Bicentennial celebration book, "The History of Oneida County", and re-printed in 1998 by the Oneida County Historical Society as "Exploring 200 Years of Oneida County History".  It is available here with permission of the Society.
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