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To keep the Town of Forestport residents as informed as possible, we are committed to notify you of any and all proposed changes related to the Town.  We are always open to your feedback.  The website is maintained regularly and will always provide the newest information.


Please note that we will start posting the agendas for the upcoming Planning Board and Town Board meetings so you will know what is happening as we do.  Meetings are always open to the public and we encourage you to attend and share your opinions.



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Legal Notice for Budget Workshop
October 15, 2014
The next Workshop Meeting to discuss the proposed 2015 budget will be on October 21, 2014 at 4pm at Forestport Town Hall.  To read the Legal Notice, click HERE.
October 15, 2014 Town Board Meeting Agenda
October 15, 2014
The October 15th Town Board Meeting Agenda can be found HERE.
Supervisor's Budget Suggestions
October 05, 2014
In this 5-page letter to the taxpayers, the Town Supervisor gives some suggestions to cut the 2015 budget.  Read it HERE.
Town Board Costs
September 21, 2014
An interesting read to compare how the old and new administration handled the Town Board costs.  Click HERE to read.
Town Comparisons of Budgets and Salary Rates
September 21, 2014
With budget time right around the corner, you might want to see how Forestport compares to the towns around us.  To see the how Forestport's town budget compares to the 11 surrounding towns, click HERE.  To see the comparison of employee salary rates, click HERE.
2014 Town Budget and 2013 Year End Budget
September 20, 2014
To read the 2014 Town Budget, which includes the 2013 Year End Budget, click HERE.
Supervisor's Report September 2014
September 20, 2014
The Supervisor's Report for September is now available by clicking HERE.

Town Hall October 2014
2014 Forestport Town Hall
2014 Forestport Town Hall
Woodhull Boat Launch 2014
Woodhull Boat Launch 2014
2012 - First Snowfall overlooking the Black River
WELCOME to Beautiful FORESTPORT - Gateway to the Adirondacks
Winter 2010 - Beautiful Forestport Falls
Winter 2010 - Historic Twin Bridges
The Black River Dam at Forestport
Busy days of a bygone era at Forestport Station. See collections of historical photos at our History Page!
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